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Tulsi Worship

In Hindu culture, the Tulsi plant is regarded as a holy plant. In large houses, it is always placed in the center of the courtyard. The women of the house worship it every morning and light a lamp for it every evening. According to some beliefs Tulsi is considered to be a manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi and worshipping the Tulsi is known to ward off evil and bring peace and prosperity.

If you think about it on a scientific basis then Tulsi leaves are supposed to have many medicinal properties. They can ward off cold, asthma and are also known to improve immune function. It used to be a common custom to chew some leaves of the Tulsi everyday to keep oneself healthy.

It is interesting how many Indian customs and traditions not only have spiritual significance but also a scientific basis.

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Grow well little ones

I made this painting for my niece and nephew’s room as a small reminder of how much they are loved. Few thoughts that went into making this one were:

All a parent wants in this whole wide world is for their children to grow up happy and healthy

There is nothing more brilliant in this world than seeing your children grow up to become the best person they can be

The only love in this universe that is truly unconditional, selfless and forgiving is parental love

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Mosaic Painting

Its been a while since I posted anything new. This mosaic painting has taken lots and lots of time. However the end result of all these small pieces of color coming together is truly satisfying.

Life is also like a mosaic in many ways, it is meant to be a vibrant, deeply felt mosaic of meaningful moments. It is to be a grand, fully engaged and unconditionally commited love affair with our daily existence.

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Kerala Murals

These are a form of traditional Indian painting native to Kerala. They usually depict scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. The distinctive features of this kind of painting is the detail in which the costumes and jewellery are depicted. The colors used are mostly basic like red,blue, orange and yellow and a combination of these colors. The drawing, grouping and the coloring are conventional and in spite of their rigid forms they are intensely alive and vital. The figures seem still but the flowing draperies and general rhythm of composition are suggestive of movement.

It is definitely one of the most vibrant and intricate forms of traditional art truly representative of Indian culture and heritage.

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Pop art

The concept of pop art began in the 1950s; this kind of art used everyday objects and people depicted in bold colors. It borrows the looks and the execution techniques of advertising, comic books and mass-produced designs.

This piece of art can add a pop of color to any wall.

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Koi Fish

Koi fish have been symbolically associated with strength of character, perseverance, accomplishment and courage. The fish also symbolize good fortune, success and prosperity. Their long history and hardy nature have also led them to be associated with longevity. In other words, koi represent all things positive.

Sending across these positive vibes from the koi 🙂

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Happy place

A place of peace, comfort and safety where one is free of all worries, stresses and fears. A place you can truly be yourself. Find that place and go there often.

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Riot of colors

We had this dark corner in our room which we wanted to brighten up, so I decided to get a huge canvas that fit almost the entire wall and create an abstract painting on it. You don’t need to have a big plan to make an abstract painting just tubes of color and willingness to splash them onto the canvas. You will be surprised by the end result and riot of colors will spruce up the room. Adding a spotlight to it is the icing on the cake.

So go ahead and splash some color around 😉